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How do I get it working with DualSense on Steam?

love the game great job :):):):)


this game BELONGS on those haunted ps1 collections if it hasn’t been already.

I got into the analog horror series from a friend of mine, and I was so glad to see the Lethal Omen game was here!

Can't open :(


cannot sex the woodcrawlers 0/10

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Haven't played it yet but honestly it already sucks now

Help!!!! I canott play Lethal Omen ``sad face``


bro stop playing on apple bruh


Nice game 


Nice game!

Full Play No Commentary 


this, really fits well into the full story of Gemini.


By far an amazing game that reminds me of the CRT TV I used to play most of my games on.

9:34 - I LOVED this game. Especially the use of secret endings and how it actually took some adventuring and investigating to find the secrets. 

friggin loved this game, Absolutley awesome job, I’m comin back to this later to do the other few endings!! Also love Gemini Home Entertainment 

I am not a furry, but I like furries. I think your cool.






Such a very fun game, I really enjoyed this. Such a simple thing, but if you have watched anything for Gemini Home Entertainment, you'll catch some good references in there for all of their content. Text on some of the notes were a bit hard to read, but still, the game was a nice little horror experience.


any chance of an appimage version for us linux users?

I recommend just using Wine


sudo apt install wine


A good game that captures the lore of Gemini Home Entertainment, i wouldn't mind seeing this game greenlit on Steam to be honest.

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This was a super fun experience! A few weeks ago I watched the Gemini Home Entertainment videos with my community on Twitch and I immediately had to purchase the game to play! The ~high quality graphics makes it so very creepy.

I love how all of the elements relate to the overall story of the YouTube series.

In my three years of streaming and playing many horror games, this game got a legit scream from me. Thank you for your hard work!

Real Scream Here


Hello! I am a Mac user, and I really want to play this game! I've seen the "playthrough" of it on the youtube channel, and I loved the design! However, I'm getting the "You don't have access to this file" popup whenever I try to open it, and I don't know what to do. I am the only account using this computer, so it isn't an issue there, so is there any way I can fix this?


Watch this video it will help you  



I'll try it out! Thank you so much!

No problem


Accidentally diagonal bunny hopped into a mannequin and died

The game's so cool! really replicates everything in life!


It would be cool if you include a linux upload


hello there if you guys dont mind can i get acess to the audio files of the game??            (im working in on a fan made GHE short)


mostly the woodcrawlers screaming

get a unity ripper

he has like a patreon tier for that





only found 6 endings:

1. original ending

2. manaquine ending

3. death ending (simply let men kill you)

4. cult ending

5. road ending

6. pit ending

wondering if there are anymore beyond that. tried doing things in different orders and had nothing beyond the 6 endings and would like to know if anymore are possible



I literally jumped out of my chair at the mannequin ending


Hey there! I was wondering if I could ask a few questions about the game? for documentary purposes



Great! :) I'll give you my email since I have a few things to ask. I don't want to clutter your comment section xD


This game was too scary. It gave my auntie a fright and she let out a terrible shriek.


[[May have spoilers ahead, please if you want to play it better do it now before reading my stuff]]
Really small experience but has a couple of nice ideas. Nothing new or super original, but somehow put nicely together, altough I wish it had a little more polish, even if it aims for the PSX asthetic. For example, more feedback when firing and hitting an "ennemy". Better yet, another example is, I would have aimed for the secret ending pretty easily because I tried to shoot the targets instinctively, but with the lack of feedback yet again, I just tought to myself "err, they're probably props". I had to see a guide to see that, indeed, I was right. I did also get lost quickly aiming for the normal ending after encountering the cursed soldier guy becoming a tree, I didn't know yet where to go until eventually I found the open basement door. The sound design and the level design do their jobs, nothing more and nothing less. Yet, it all works together rightly enough. In my book, I couldn't resist and put a couple bucks in. Go aim for even higher, seeing your evolution from your two previous games, I'm really looking forward for what you might pull off next.


this is based of an arg that you were supposed to watch before hand

wait ghe is an arg?

its  on the youtube channel Gemini Home Entertainment 


What a awesome Playstation game! I sure do hope that nothing bad happens.

I'm getting the "you don't have permission to open the application" error, all users are admins on my mac.


Gemini Home Entertainment The Game






I was wondering if you could make a Raspberry Pi build of the game. Thanks!! 



I'm wondering if this is an ARG?

head the Gemini home entertainment.

it will explain everything???


I cannot start the game at all.

Might be an issue with other accounts on your computer. If you're not an admin account, you may need to approve it using an admin account. I don't think it's an issue with the game since I haven't seen this happen for anyone else. I hope you can get the game working!

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Retro and fun

Been a fan of the series for awhile, this was a great addition to the lore!

Thanks for the game

please make a version for chrome os


why are you using chrome os

chromebook cheap


Well, that was fun.

Also, the jump scares whenever the enemies showed up made me jump so hard that I hurt my neck.

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Question with Spoilers:

What does the 4th key do?
Edit: Nevermind. You'll find the answer, and I love it.
Edit 2: You have to do a second thing. Involves shooting something obvious.

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