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WASD to move
SPACE to jump
LEFT CLICK to shoot

Known bugs:

    1. Players are able to use trees in the first zone to jump over map borders
    2. Players may get stuck on the final screen (Fix: On Windows, press the Windows key and manually close Lethal Omen. On Mac, press Command + Option + Escape and force quit Lethal Omen)
    3. Enemies may be unable to kill the player and may cause the player to be pushed out of bounds
    4. A particular sequence can be broken by backtracking your steps
    5. Touching an object in a scene near the end will reset the scene


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    Lethal Omen Windows 1.2.3 122 MB
    Lethal Omen macOS 1.2.3 127 MB


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    Retro and fun

    Been a fan of the series for awhile, this was a great addition to the lore!

    Thanks for the game

    please make a version for chrome os


    Well, that was fun.

    Also, the jump scares whenever the enemies showed up made me jump so hard that I hurt my neck.

    (2 edits)

    Question with Spoilers:

    What does the 4th key do?
    Edit: Nevermind. You'll find the answer, and I love it.
    Edit 2: You have to do a second thing. Involves shooting something obvious.

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    Kill them all :) nice game btw


    Will there be any content updates or bug fixes? Can't wait to play it!

    I'm slowly working on a patch for some bugs that have been found. Not sure about content updates, at least for the time being.

    Great game, I had a lot of fun playing it, and was even spooked a few times. So, without spoiling too much, I wanted to know if there was anything I was missing. I've gotten 4 different ending screens: I've been killed by the enemies, I've gotten the win screen, I've found the mannequin, and I found the road to Prophet. Are there any other endings? Also, is there a use for the guy t-posing? Let me know if I should remove anything from this comment to prevent spoilers too. 


    cool and strange story


    Pretty cool little game. It's pretty simple but there's something interesting about it. I dig it, man. Thanks!

    this was great! 

    Won't lie, it's pretty well done... I can't wait to see what you could come up with for a game, seriously. 9.9/10

    If you want to close it on Windows, I have another suggestion:

    1. Press the Windows Key and return to your desktop
    2. Rightclick the taskbar and click Task Manager
    3. Rightclick "Lethal Omen" and then click "Go to Details"
    4. Click End Task
    5. If a confirmation message appears, click End Process and it'll hopefully close

    Hope that works for you all (sorry Mac users :P)

    Spook 100